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Walnut Sweet Cake Machine

  • walnut cookies
  • SH400/600/1000
  • 250/500/900 kg/hr

SH400-1000 Walnut Sweet Cake machine has been designed on the market needs and walnut sweet cake process technology. This machine can be worked with Mesh Belt type Tunnel oven, handle push Type tunnel oven and Hot air rotary oven.
This machine consists of moulds molding system and trays chain conveying system. Both systems are driven by speed regulate motors; production speed also can be regulated. Molding System comes with feeding roller, moulds roller and rubber roller.

》Working Process:
1) Add the mixed dough into the hopper.
2) Extrude & press into walnut sweet cake shapes though feeding roller and moulds roller.
3) Transport the product into the trays though canvas conveyor.

Trays chain conveyor is driven by speed regulate motors. The products distance on the trays also can be regulated according to the production requirement. In addition, the machine has also fixed with several adjusting parts structures, canvas tension adjusting structure, dough separating adjusting structure, canvas scrapping cleaning structure and dough feeding distance adjusting structure. With reasonable design, reliable safety use, this machine becomes the first choice machinery for the walnut sweet cake production.

Walnut Sweet Cake

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