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SH 27 Plate Wafer Biscuit Line

  • hard/soft/sandwiching biscuit
  • SH280/400/600/800/1000/1200
  • 100/250/500/750/1000/1250kg/hr

27-type automatic wafer production line for small-scale wafer production equipment, mainly used in the production of various types of high-quality wafer, the production capacity of about 2.18 tons / 24 hours, is suitable for small company or beginning of this business, the Model has become a very mature and reliable, in recent years, through continuous technological innovation, the line more stable performance, higher degree of automation, and has a number of technical inventions Patent, is a cost-effective production line. This line is designed for micro-small enterprises, the initial investment and entrepreneurs, investors can also chose according to their own sales, production requirements. the equipment using vertical cold-chip, beautiful, small footprint; which simplified standard components, greatly reducing the cost of investment and investment risk, is an economic-type equipment.

The line standard configuration are: flour mixer, oven, chip machine, vertical cold plate machine, picking plate machine, cream coating machine, conveyor, plate cutting machine, horizontal cream mixer, grinder.


Process: pastry mixing - plate baking - plate cooling - plate coating - plate cooling - cutting

Oven length

total length weight power gas requirement air requirement output
60m 17.9m 13T 5.52KW




plate wafer biscuit

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